Development: Michael I. Jacobs



Build the map. Invade it. Watch out for land mines.


December 22, 1944. Allied troops are trapped behind enemy lines. Time for the Jigsaw Commandos to rescue them!


Jigsaw Commando is the newest game from MJD Game Studios that combines Tetris and wargames into fast, addictive, tense and thematic gameplay where building the map is as fun as invading it. Play for 5 minutes or 15, stop, and come back later. Jigsaw Commando is the perfect play-while-standing-in-line or on the train game. BUILDING A MAP AND DESTROYING IT HAS NEVER BEEN MORE FUN.

"Finally, a puzzle game with a THEME."


Jigsaw Commando is played over 2 phases:

PHASE 1: RECON. In the Recon phase, the player places Tetris-like puzzle pieces to explore the map, locate missing troops, and find enemy tanks and snipers in an effort to prepare for the imminent rescue attempt of allied forces. Find out where your troops are hiding, locate the snipers, and find out where the minefields are. But beware, careful placement of supplies, weapons, and buildings may be the only chance you have to ensure a successful rescue.

PHASE 2: ASSAULT. In the Assault phase, the player takes charge of leading the rescue attempt by invading the map just built in the Recon phase. Again, the player places Tetris-like puzzle pieces to eliminate the enemies they just placed, avoid minefields, take out tanks, and attempts to leave all trapped comrades open for rescue. Every piece placement requires careful planning to maximize gains and minimize losses. Miss a sniper, and your entire rescue attempt can fail. Step on a land mine, and craters will start filling up the battlefield and stop your troops.


Offering 4 levels of difficulty, Jigsaw Commando provides hours of addictive fun as the battlefield becomes more and more complicated between each wave. Players will discover tanks, bunkers, minefields, snipers, bomb craters, medical supplies, churches, and more, in an attempt to save as may allied troops as possible. Also available is a special mini-expansion, Treacherous Blockades, which adds Barbed Wire, Hedgehogs, Rivers, Narrow Chasms, and Highways to the battlefield to make rescue attempts even more challenging.


Some quotes from players:

"This is Tetris with a purpose..."

"Finally, a puzzle game with a THEME!"

"I've never shouted so freaking loud playing a puzzle game before!"

"I've never been so nervous about placing a tiny Tetris-block."

"Heroic mode is impossible. I can't get passed level 2!" (LOL, TOO BAD. WE CAN GET TO LEVEL 3)

"I wish more puzzle games could be FUN like Jigsaw Commando" *****

Available at the iPhone App Store now! Click HERE to download the game.